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At Modern Combat Sports we sell a large range of paintball guns and paintball upgrades. Paintball Guns have been around since the 1960’s, but it has to be said paintball guns have come on along way since then!
We don't run events playing paintball, but sell all the accessories you can think of. Its well worth checking out our paintball pistols and holsters to go with them as we do a massive range of camo and variations, and once thing that we have always done well is the Magazine Fed paintball guns (AKA MF or MagFed).

We sell a wide range of ammo / bullets for paintball guns as well. The standard paintball is .68 caliber and typically comes in a box of 2000, but we have further extended the range and offer shaped projectile paintballs also known as first strike paintballs, as well as rubber reusable paintballs and even empty shell paintballs of the effects industry.

As well as the hardware that comes with playing paintball we also do a massive range of soft goods, so you can kit yourself up from head to toe, we do BDU Jackets and trousers as well as balaclava's, gloves (full finger and half finger, and again - multiple colours to choose from!).

One of the most import pieces of equipment you are going to want to buy is a paintball mask, which is also known as a paintball google. They range in price quite considerably, but if you can save up for the best set of paintball goggles you can, as at the end of the day they are designed to protect your face and eyes. Some of these paintball guns are capable of firing long distances, so get a good set. All guns fire around the same power output, especially if playing on a registered paintball field, but even so, at close range it would do some massive damage to your eyes, so again, get a good set of paintball goggles to ensure you are safe.

Paintball guns typically come in black, but we do sell other colours as well. We sell a large range as mentioned above, but you can checkout all paintball guns here, and also we have a separate section for Paintball Pistols and Revolvers.