Paintball & Airsoft Landmines


      Paintball landmines, grenades, and launchers are an exciting way to liven up a paintball game. Whether you’re looking for pineapple smoke grenade shells, venom paint mix, or accessories to keep your paintball ammo close by – we’ve got it all. Our range of speciality, heavy-duty paintball landmines comes from the best names in the paintball world ranging from Umarex to Tippmann and RAP4. Airsoft landmines can increase the adrenaline during a match, or prepare for combat in military training, making them practical and useful additions to your arsenal.

      Paintball Landmines Liven Up Any Game

      Many of our paintball landmines, grenades, and launchers have been developed for military training. Their fantastic quality gives you the ability to recreate a hostile environment, whether you’re in training sessions or looking to smoke out the enemy in a paintball match. 

      Prepare yourself with some of our favourites such as the Tippmann TiPX Magazine Pouch for paintball grenades or an ACU smoke grenade pouch to keep your explosives safe and on hand in the field. If you’ve got a large field and need a boost for your ammo, the Umarex T4E HDR50 Revolver Launcher needs to be in your lineup.

      Airsoft Landmines are also used in military training exercises to replicate real-life conditions that may be faced in the field, but they are just as useful in Airsoft matches where players are simulating these conditions in competitive matches. With Airsoft remote landmines an upgraded option providing more versatility in how they’re used. An Airsoft landmine can help provide distractions or open up new opportunities to attack for the players using them with the M80 Reusable Landmine a popular choice.

      Explore our great range of paintball and Airsoft landmines at Modern Combat Sports. Our team is ready to help you find the right paintball landmine, grenade launcher, or supporting equipment to transform your next match. Get in touch with us today and find out more about this exciting equipment.