Paintball Remote Air Line


      Paintball remote air lines allow you to compete without a cumbersome paintball air tank weighing you down, which helps you aim better. Instead of having this weight on your paintball marker, you can carry it in a backpack or pouch to better control how you play and what kind of movement or flexibility you have. Remote lines for paintball guns can make a huge difference in every match.

      How Remote Air Lines For Paintball Guns Work

      Remote paintball air lines work by allowing you to carry your air tank in a more convenient way and location, rather than forcing it to be attached to your paintball gun. This means you can be more flexible with your needs before a match starts. You'll also find paintball remote air line covers that will stop you getting snagged in trees and bushes. We have a lot of seals and paintball remote air line parts to keep your gear in tip top condition too.

      You can choose from a huge range of paintball remote air lines, such as the Valken Paintball Remote Coil With Slide & Back Check, the TiPX / TPX Pistol Micro Remote Line, the Valken Paintball Remote Coil With Proconnect, and many more. This gives you plenty of options to find the right solution for your gear and needs.

      At Modern Combat Sports, you’ll find a huge range of remote air lines for paintball guns. With the help of our team, you can be sure of finding the right remote paintball air line system for your needs and style of play. We’ll answer any questions you have, so get in touch now and find the right paintball remote air line. This piece of kit will transform your paintball experience like you wouldn’t believe