DYE Paintball


      When you think of DYE paintball products, the most common thing to think about are DYE paintball masks - and with good reason. They are a recognisable style of mask that players around the world use in every match because of their comfortable and safety record. DYE Performance also has a range of protective clothing to accompany their masks and there are paintball markers to make sure you have a full, matching set for when you step into the arena.

      Pick Your DYE Paintball Mask

      One aspect of choosing your own paintball gear is to create your own look and style, and DYE paintball masks are a part of this. Some people opt for the hyper realistic look, or adapt to the arenas and environments they play in, while others go for a sleeker, more universal look. With all the DYE paintball products to choose from, you can kit yourself out in a way that feels right, getting the quality you expect with the protection you deserve.

      DYE paintball masks come in different styles and colours, making it easy to find the one that completes your look. There’s the i5 Black Paintball Mask, the i5 Fire Paintball Mask, and the i5 SE Smoked Paintball Mask. The i4 Pro Paintball Mask is another option, and there are plenty of lens options to choose from. Don’t forget there’s also the great Assault Matrix Dam Paintball Gun if you need a good DYE paintball gun, too.

      With a great range of DYE paintball products to choose from, Modern Combat sports is the place to kit yourself out ready for any match you have coming up. With DYE paintball masks, markers, protective gear and more, there’s something for everyone. If you want to know more about our DYE paintball range, contact the team today. We’re always happy to answer any questions you have and to make sure you pick the right items.