About Modern Combat Sports

We’re UK Paintball Ltd, trading as Modern Combat Sports (previously RAP4) is known throughout the industry as one of the largest and longest-running suppliers of magfed and scenario paintball guns, parts, and accessories. Our well-stocked showroom and Paintball Shop can be found in Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire.

We've been playing paintball and selling paintball gear for over 10 years and are distributors of real action paintball RAP4, Deadlywind Carbon Fiber Barrels, Hammerhead barrels, First Strike Paintball, and Dye Paintball. It doesn’t stop there, we're a Tippmann certified centre, we carry more Tippmann Parts than probably any other UK or European supplier. You’ll find Major Paintball, Allen Paintball, Paintball Jug, Ninja and many others in our stock.

If you want to be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and great customer service, then buy the best there is from us! These paintball companies have entrusted us with their brands, now you can trust us with our level of service.

Our Paintball Shop

We’re not just an online paintball shop, we also have a purpose-built large showroom We stock thousands of the most popular, as well as hard to find (or even impossible to find) paintball products. Want to know how much paintball gear you’d find in our paintball shop? Our best guestimate is around 5000 unique products, we're the Argos of the paintball world!

We've recently upgraded our store to perform faster, offer smoother navigation, and provide an even quicker, easier checkout process. Join the thousands that have trusted RAP4 UK now Modern Combat Sports UK  with all their woodball and scenario needs.

A Bit of Modern Combat Sports History

We live and breathe paintball. Starting out in 2007, Ian decided to start paintball distribution in the UK by working and operating from a residential address. Whilst working from home is the norm now, back in 2007 Ian pushed the limits of normal by making his home paintball empire grow from the comfort of spare time and a short walk to his own kitchen.

As things started to pick up it was time to move on from the house and occupy the small shed in the garden to stock the orders. Paintball was starting to boom, serious players and professional paintball masters were looking for more parts, more paintball guns, and more international brands that supplied the best paintball equipment in the world. It was once again time to move on.

Paintball Gorilla Costume

A small warehouse space across from Ian’s place of work was exactly what he needed. Real space to keep the stock in check, room to fulfil the incoming orders, and it was just a stone throw away from his day-to-day job. Demand was once again rising, after all, no one else was supplying magfed paintball guns or pushed milsim in the UK - Ian was the frontrunner!

Ian decided it was time to make paintball in the UK a serious matter. UK Paintball LTD was born, a larger warehouse space was found, and Mike joined part-time to help keep RAP4 running. Eventually, Mike went full time, the business was starting to really shake up UK paintball, product ranges went from around 50 to almost 5000, they had to find yet another new warehouse to cope with the huge selection of products and orders that started coming in from around the globe.

It’s been well over 10 years now since that residential address and small garden shed, Ian and Mike have become the backbone of professional UK paintball. Working from a spacious showroom and shop in Mitcheldean, processing daily orders and answering many of your calls and emails. They are the heart of Modern Combat Sports and the experts you hear behind every product, video, and even phone call you make to us.

Modern Combat Sports is about passion, and we love equipping passionate paintball players with the best and most unique paintball equipment from the US and Europe.

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