First Strike Paintball Rounds


      Unlike a normal paintball, the First Strike paintball rounds are speciality made projectiles made for better aim and further flight when shot. With the FS paintball projectiles, you’re essentially getting half of a paintball and half of a shuttlecock (fins) glued together to create a next level paintball round. These will fly further than regular paintballs and will stay in a straighter line giving you an edge, especially when using paintball sniper rifles.

      First Strike paintball rounds come in two sizes, a .68 cal and a .50 cal. These hybrid paintball rounds can only be fired through magfed paintball markers so make sure you’ve got the right paintball gun for the job. We also recommend considering whether you need a shaped projectile or normal First Strike rounds for your paintball marker.

      Looking for other paintball rounds options? We also stock excellent RAP4 solid shaped projectiles which will help you test your skills at a fraction of the cost of FS paintball rounds. The great thing about these projectiles is that you can target, recover, and reuse them! It’s an economic and eco-friendly option if you want to keep your rounds going. Remember that whilst these are great for training, they can’t be used to shoot any living thing… Stick to practice boards and objects!

      We recommend the Umarex T4E RBP 68 rubber ammo for training purposes. They give excellent performance and remain steady once shot – perfect rubber round rounds for snipers.

      If you’re not sure if your paintball gun or rifle will work with these excellent hybrid FS paintball rounds and other projectiles, let us know. Call us on  +44(0)7402848378or email us at and we’ll help you figure out what ammo will work best.