Paintball Silencers & Muzzles


      Paintball silencers and muzzles are an accessory many players choose to add to their markers. While they can reduce some of the noise, most of their appeal is aesthetic - creating a lifelike experience and giving you an edge in intimidation. Paintball gun silencers and muzzles come in different sizes and styles to make sure there’s something for every player.

      Choosing A Paintball Gun Silencer Or Muzzle

      Matching a paintball silencer or muzzle to your marker is the first step in transforming your whole look. While some will help with your accuracy and noise, finding a look that works will boost your confidence and strike fear into your opponents. Muzzles can also amplify the sound somewhat, if you want to make as big an impact as you can.

      Knowing what you want a paintball gun silencer or muzzle to do to your marker will help you find the right pieces of kit. With the Frostbite Sniper Silencer and the Reaper Thread-On Silencer at one end of the scale, and the .43 M4 300 Muzzle and the First Strike Raging Donkey Muzzle - to name just a few - at the other, you can easily find the right paintball silencer or muzzle for your needs. With different brands and models providing a range of looks and effects, there’s no chance of not finding something that works for you.

      Explore the great range of paintball silencers and muzzles available at Modern Combat Sports. With so many great options, it can be hard to choose the best one for your marker - and that’s where our experts can help. Get in touch with us now and learn more about paintball gun silencers and muzzles, why you should have one, and which is the best one for your needs