Barrel Adapters


      With a barrel adapter, you can make sure your chosen barrel and paintball marker work as intended and produce the result you want. A barrel thread adapter allows you to connect barrels and paintball guns with different threads. This means you don’t always have to buy new components, or you can keep using the models that you’re used to and trust to perform well in every paintball game.

      Find Your Paintball Barrel Adapter

      Whether you have a selection of paintball guns and barrels, one barrel and multiple markers, or multiple barrels for one paintball marker, a barrel adapter will make sure you can use each piece of gear you own effectively. Not all of your gear will be compatible with each other, and that’s where a barrel thread adapter can help, bridging the gap between your favourite equipment. You do need to make sure your barrel thread adapter works for the items you have, so always seek out expert advice if you’re unsure.

      A threaded barrel adapter lets all players use their equipment effectively, whether that’s with the Barrel Adapter For Tippmann A-5, the Barrel Adapter For Spyder, the FS Tiberius T15 Barrel Adapter, or one of many other models. No matter what paintball marker or barrel you have, there are barrel adapters to make sure you can use your favourite models together.

      You’ll find a great selection of barrel adapters at Modern Combat Sports, ensuring you get the performance you’re looking for from your favourite barrel and paintball gun models. If you have any questions about a threaded barrel adapter and which one to choose, our team can help. Get in touch now and we’ll answer any questions you have, so you can pick the best barrel adapter for your needs.