Paintball Pods


      Paintball pods and pots are an essential part of paintballing - how else are you going to carry your paintballs and reload your paintball marker? You’ll find a huge range of paintball pods to choose from, suited for pockets and pouches in your gear and giving you all the options and flexibility you need no matter the situation.

      Choose From Our Paintball Pod Packs

      To accompany your paintball pods, we have some great paintball pod holders, too. In conjunction with your pockets, you can keep any paintball pod safe with the secure holders that stops the paintballs from rattling around and bursting as you move. Our holders are a great solution, with the Paintball Leg Pouch or the Paintball Vest Pod Pouch both good choices.

      We’ve been asked a lot about how many pellets a paintball pod can hold, and it depends on the paintball and the size of the pod! While .68 calibre paintballs are mostly the standard, other sizes are available - but we measure our products by the .68 standard. When you buy paintball pods from us, you’ll see the limit and this refers to that standard. The SNAPP Speed Loader is just one paintball pod option to choose from, but a paintball pod pack can be more useful to ensure you have as many as you need.

      Browse the huge selection of paintball pods and pots in our range at Modern Combat Sports. If you’d like to know more about our range of paintball pod packs, or if you have any questions on the products listed, contact our team today. We’re always happy to help.