Paintballs (.68 calibre)


      The backbone of any paintball game are the paintballs themselves. Running out of paintballs is one of the worst feelings - especially midgame - but you can make sure that doesn’t happen by buying enough to keep you going no matter the opponents you face. We can help you do just that with the best paintballs in the business.

      We sell .68 calibre paintballs in boxes of 2000, making sure you’ll have plenty of supplies for your upcoming games, such as the Valken Kilo Paintballs. Our competitive prices make sure you get a good value on high-quality paintball supplies on every purchase you make, giving you the confidence to go out and enjoy every minute of your paintballing.

      It is worth noting that buying multiple boxes of paintballs, which are around 7kg each, can add to delivery costs, and where possible we do suggest picking up your paintball supplies in our shop.

      Our cheap paintballs are the standard size used with most paintball guns and in most arenas and fields, so you can be sure they’ll be of use. They are made entirely of nontoxic, food-grade ingredients. The gelatin is the same used in popular sweets like Haribo, although we wouldn’t recommend eating the paintballs!

      Make sure you’re always loaded with paintballs so that you never go into a game short. Our paintball supplies are the right size for most paintball guns and will make sure you’re ready for every game. Call the team on +44(0)7402848378 to find out more about our .68 calibre paintball boxes or email us at We’ll answer any questions you may have and make sure you choose the right supplies.