Paintball Air Tanks


      Paintball air tanks are pieces of kit that every player needs, as they provide the pressure that allows paintballs to be fired from a marker. Paintball compressed air tanks get you through tournaments and friendlies alike, and we’ve got household names such as First Strike, Protoyz, Armotech, or Tippmann for the best choice.

      Every marker needs a good paintball air tank to go with it. Without one, you’ll find your paintballs don’t travel very far at all. The pressure from these canisters and bottles give you the range and accuracy you need with every shot, and depending on the paintball marker you have, and the type of games you play, different sizes and pressures will be needed from a paintball compressed air tank.

      See Our Paintball Compressed Air Tanks

      If you’re a fan of First Strike, we recommend their 48 ci carbon fibre tank. It's one of the smallest you can find and is ideal for a young player or those playing pump. The 68 ci 1.1l is our best selling paintball air tank carbon fibre system, and they’re used by the best paintball teams playing the game! Alternatively, go huge with the pro carbon fibre paintball air tanks, which are designed to keep you in the game for longer with an 88ci and a 100ci

      For paintball compressed air tanks on the budget side, we’ve got some more affordable aluminium 3000psi paintball air tanks available in our range, such as the 13ci air tank and the15ci air tank. No matter what experience level you’re at, you’ll find we have the best range of paintball air tanks in the UK.

      Browse the range of paintball air tanks at Modern Combat Sports! If you’d like to know more about how they work, or whether a specific tank is the right one for your marker, get in touch with our team now.