FS Hero 2.0 88ci Carbon Fiber Air Tank

FS Hero 2.0 88ci Carbon Fiber Air Tank



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First Strikes Hero 1.4 L Carbon Fiber Paintball Air Tank is super light and delivers a massive amount of shots per fill, approx 1500!!  These amazing Paintball Air Sytems are Tri Stamped for use around the globe and come fitted with FS' Magnetic Positional Hero Reg, that has a Pro Fill, Nipple and Burst Discs fitted as standard

The 88ci Tank will fit our medium air tanks pouches. The tank weighs well under 1 kilogram yet provides around 1500 shots for most markers. 5 Year Hydro Test

First Strike Hero 88ci Features:

• Nickel Plated Brass Hero 2.0 Regulator
• Tri-Label UN ISO Certification–Universal Acceptance
• Lifetime use bottle (still required 5 year re-hydro)
• 30% Lighter
• Durable Gel Coat
• Industry First Tool-less 360° Fully Rotational Regulator
• Fully Adjustable Output Pressure (300psi-1200psi)