Paintball Magazines & Box Mags


      Our extensive range of paintball mag loaders guarantees that we have something suitable for everyone, no matter your play level or experience. Magazine fed paintball markers are an alternative to gravity-based hoppers that require your marker to be carried and used in a certain way, giving you more versatility and options during a match. Box mag paintball provides a more realistic experience, which can enhance your game. Our range of paintball magazines means you can always find the right one for your marker.

      Selecting A Mag Loader

      Our paintball magazines are available in different sizes, styles and colours, so no matter what paintball maker you have, or what kind of environment your match takes place in, you’ll have the right equipment to help you win. Mag loaders can work with different paintball sizes, such as the .43 Cal, .68 Call, or even First Strike Rounds. Whether you plan to be the heavy gunner, or want the versatility to adapt to changes on the field, magazine fed paintball markers are the way forward.

      We stock most models of paintball magazines from the most popular magazine fed paintball guns on the market. This includes the RAP4 Helix magazine, the Umarex PPQ .43 paintball magazine, the FS T15 Gen2 magazine, the Short Stubby 14 round Dmag, and many more. We also have Zeta Mags, Dye Dam Box mags and DAM Magazines, so every player will find the paintball magazine they need to keep the action going.

      With a great select of mag loaders, we make box mag paintball simple at Modern Combat Sports. If you’d like to know more about magazine fed paintball, or which mag loader is right for your marker and play style, contact our team today and we’ll answer any questions you have.