Black Cat Smoke Grenades


      Black Cat smoke grenades are a popular choice among paintball players looking to add more versatility to their game. They are the perfect way to create a distraction or signal to other players as to where the action is. You can trust that a Black Cat smoke grenade will work well everytime you need to use one, which is why so many players choose them.

      Choose Black Cat Smoke Grenades

      When it comes to paintball smoke grenades, choose Black Cat for top quality at great prices. The Black Cat Smoke Grenade is a great option as it is reliable, and the colours are clearly visible in all arenas. Black Cat smoke grenades can instantly change any paintball game, so they’re worth having in your arsenal.

      While Black Cat smoke grenades products can get warm, there’s no flame or risk of getting burnt. However, the smoke should not be inhaled directly, so make sure you are in a clear, open space and can move to a safe distance. You will need permission from the arena or land owner if you plan to use an Black Cat smoke grenade, as there may be rules dictating their use.

      Black Cat smoke grenades are not suitable for football grounds, sports venues, public highways, nightclubs, festivals, or on aeroplanes.
      You’ll find a great range of Black Cat smoke grenades at Modern Combat Sports, giving you the best options to make sure you’re ready for any situation in the arena. If you have any questions about how Black Cat products work, or what to expect from them, get in touch with a member of our team today. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to make the right choice.