Paintball Barrels

We offer a huge range of Paintball Barrels and ship across the world. We are the Distributor for Deadlwind Paintball Barrels, Hammerhead Barrels, Python and TechT iFit Kits and RAP4 Barrels. All these Paintball Barrels have their advantages.


Budget when purchasing a paintball barrel is a good starting point, we offer barrels from £20 upwards. The more expensive paintball barrels tend to be carbon fiber (Stiffi, Deadlywind and Shadow - with Shadow its the tips only). One of the biggest gains with the more expensive barrels is weight - or rather lack of it.

Our Rap4 Tactical Barrels are amazing barrels and are amazing value, take a look at those for a starting point. If you have a scenario style paintball marker then weight will not be a concern and these barrels will suit you perfectly, you can also fit with our full range of muzzles and silencers for the ultimate milsim marker.

If you have a tourney marker then we would suggest going with one of our almost indestructable carbon fiber barrels - for these you would be looking at Deadlywind, Stiffi or Hammerheads Mofo range

If you do have the budget and money is no object then we would advise having a Rap4 Tactical Barrel (these are rifled) AND a set of carbon fiber barrels.


For best performance from your paintball marker you need to bore match your paint - this means having multiple barrel sizes to match the bore. We recommend bore matching to each bag of paint from your box.

Our Rap4 Paintball Barrels come in one bore size only, but we have threads for basically every paintball marker out there!

Our more expensive barrels can be bought on their own or as part of a kit. With these you can select bore sizes, most players choose a two piece barrel kit, the two piece kit consists of a 'Tip' and a 'Back' - the back part of the two piece barrel controls the bore.

Deadlywind has two versions a Null and a Fibur, now the fiber takes inserts, these inserts are what control the bore size, and now with Deadlywinds new Fibur-X you can control your bore matching with fairly cheap inserts AND buy different thread styles (only applicable if you own different paintball markers).

Help I am still stuck choosing a paintball barrel!

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