Tacamo Magazine Conversion Kits


      Tacamo created the Magfed Paintball Conversion Kits as an easy way of converting the most reliable markers into magfed paintball guns. We have them for most Tippmann Guns including the Phenom, 98, A5 and the Cronus.  We also have them available for the BT4 Valken SW1 and Blackhawk. Most of the Mag kits work with one of the best mags available in magfed, the helix 20 round magazine.

      Just starting out with mag-fed paintball guns? Take a look at the Tacamo blizzard magazine conversion. It is designed to be a perfect option for entry-level paintball players looking to get started in magfed! It is also a really affordable option and requires hardly any maintenance. 

      If you think that’s cool, our compact machine pistol 18 offers a body upgrade for the Tippmann TiPX paintball gun and allows you to easily add and remove the TiPX paintball gun body kit. Adding the top rail gives you a whole range of extra options when it comes to mounting options, like adding cameras. You can even add to the spec with a laser, flashlight, carry handle, and much more!

      Take your game to the next level and browse our range of Tacamo conversion kits below! If you are not sure which stocks to choose from or what the differences are between our specs take a look at our conversion guide. If you’re still undecided, make sure to give us a call at +44(0)7402848378 or shoot us an email at support@moderncombatsports.co.uk.