Airsoft Grenades


      Airsoft grenades are an extremely valuable tool that any player can make use of. Not only can they be used to alert others of enemy attacks, or call for reinforcements, the haze they leave behind can lower visibility - and this creates tension among every player. This is a great method of adding excitement to an already frenetic sport. While you can only carry a limited number, reusable Airsoft grenades help with the long term cost of using such weapons.

      Reusable Airsoft Grenades

      With a range of Airsoft grenades to choose from, finding the right ones can be a challenge. Smoke grenades are a popular choice, and they’re easy to use, but the Cap Head Grenade is another good choice. There’s also Venom Paint Mix, Smoke Simulation Powder, and other options to make sure you have exactly what you need.

      Airsoft grenades are very safe to use when handled properly. They have a cool burn feature that avoids open flames, and even the casings don’t get overly hot. Smoke and powder inhalation is still a factor, and reusable Airsoft grenades need to be handled with care when being prepared for another use. Before using an Airsoft grenade, it’s important to get the landowner or arena owner’s permission, as there may be rules preventing their usage.

      Airsoft grenades are not suitable for football grounds, sports venues, public highways, nightclubs, festivals, and on aeroplanes.

      Explore the range of Airsoft grenades we have available at Modern Combat Sports. We know how much excitement they can add to any game, so choosing the right Airsoft grenade is a big decision. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have and help you pick out the right grenades to take your matches to the next level. Contact a member of our team today and find out how we can help.