Paintball Training Rounds


      The paintball training rounds we sell are designed to simulate paintballs and offer a top-notch training experience. They are perfect for target practice or for tuning your paintball gun. These rubber and chalk training rounds can easily be wiped over and reused if they get dirty. Making for a quality training session along with easy, hassle-free cleanup. So, whatever the weather you can get out and practice ready for your next paintball session. Win-win! 

      If you’re training for paintball, military operations, or law enforcement, it’s important to use the right supplies to reach maximum results and improve your technique. Looking to improve your aim? Take a look at our complete paintball target ball system which includes a target and training balls so you can improve your shooting without going to the field. When it's time to compete or train with others, you’ll be ready for action!

      Stock up on your paintball training rounds and keep them safe with our range of paintball pods and accessories. Keep everything safe and out of reach with paintball gun cases and bags that you can tag along with your training rounds. 

      Browse our paintball training rounds below to ensure the most realistic, short-range training experience!  If you are not sure which stocks to choose from or what the differences are between our specs, make sure to give us a call at +44(0)7402848378 or shoot us an email at