Armotech Supralight Carbon Fiber HPA Air Tanks



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Armotech Supralight paintball air tanks are engineered in Europe to be the smallest lightest tanks available for the Paintball, Airsoft and Airgun hobbyists. 

These Super Light air tanks have a  thin stainless steel core with a carbon fiber composite wrap, also known as a carbon fiber tank, the armotech range span almost the most popular sizes available in the paintball world from the smallest 0.8 Litre or 48 cubic inch to the massive 1.5L or 88 ci  paintball tank.

Due to the engineering behind the armotech Supralight tanks you dont really notice the weight whether on gun or off gun, given you a big advantage over those lugging around heavier paintball tanks! Get ahead of the game lose the weight and invest in the Armotech Supralight! 

Regulator is not included

Armotech Supralight Paintball Air Tank Features:

  • Weight: 0.8l weighs 550g 1.1l weighs 650g 1.5l weighs 850g
  • 300 Bar / 4500psi capacity 
  • Diameter: 10cm for all Supralight Paintball Air tanks
  • Length: 0.8l 18cm 1.1l 22cm 1.5l 29cm