First Strike Cadet 10ci Paintball Air Tank

First Strike Cadet 10ci Paintball Air Tank



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First Strikes 10ci/3000psi HPA Air Tank is one of the smallest most compact tanks available. It stands at approx 7 1/4 Inches  tall and has a 2 inch diameter with an empty weight of 360 grams! Small, light and compact this is the perfect tank for connecting to pistols or mag-fed paintball markers.

FS Cadet 10ci Compact Air Tank Features

  • 360 Degree Adjust-ability
  • Adjustable Pressure Output
  • Extremely Low Fade Rate
  • Extremely Fast Recharge Rate
  • Hardened Pro Fill Nipple With Conical Strut
  • Low Profile Pro Burst Disks
  • Durable Brass top Flange
  • Low Profile Body Construction

HPA Paintball Air Tank Shipping Info

Royal Mail will not under any circumstances carry air tanks empty or otherwise. When choosing a shipping method for your paintball air tank please select FedEx to make sure you receive your air tank without problems or delays.