Major Paintball


      Major Paintball have created high-quality mines and tripwires that can change the dynamic of every paintball match. By working with the US forces, Major Paintball has become a leading supplier of IED paintball replicas which can be used for military training purposes, trespasser deterrents, or for sport at Airsoft and paintball matches. Paintball mines and tripwires can provide the opportunity you need to take control of any game.

      Pick Your Major Paintball Products

      There are plenty of Major Paintball products to choose from, and all will allow you to make an impact on the game at hand. You can be sure they will work because they’re used in realistic training exercises, and reliability is essential to make sure the outcomes are accurate. This means you can trust Major Paintball mines and tripwires to deliver in the arena, too.

      Major Paintball offers a selection of equipment to choose from, such as the M80 Paintball And Airsoft Landmine, the Master Landmine, and the M12TR Reusable CO2 Powered Tripwire Mine, to name a few.

      While Major Paintball mines and tripwires are safe to use, you should be familiar with how to operate them before entering the arena. You will also need permission from the land or arena owner if you plan to use paintball mines and tripwires during a match, as there may be rules dictating their use.

      You’ll find a great range of Major Paintball products available at Modern Combat Sports. Every paintball player will be able to use these mines and tripwires to gain an advantage over the opposing team, but if you have questions about how they work, how to use them, or something else, get in touch with our team now. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need to choose the right Major Paintball gear.