M12TR Reusable Co2 Powered Trip-Wire Mine



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M-12TR TRIPWIRE MINE If you’ve had the pleasure (or misfortune) of seeing Major Paintballs “M-80TR Exploding Landmine” in action then you will have more appreciation for the New M-12TR Tripwire mine. If this is your first introduction to our new “Explosion Simulator” product line then please take a moment to review the following: The M-80TR Landmine and all new M-12TR use a new Patent Pending technology which generates a non pyrotechnic explosion by rupturing a replaceable “Explosion Tube” with the pressure from a 12g Co2 cartridge. Liquid “Marking Paint” or “Smoke Simulation Powder” is expelled from the mine along with a “VERY LOUD” report! The new M-12TR is a completely sealed, tripwire actuated mine meaning it has virtually limitless mounting possibilities. Both the M-80TR and M-12TR are completely reusable and very efficient to operate! At the risk of sounding cheesy, you do get “The Most Bang for Your Buck” of any mine out there.

The field/scenario applications for these two Explosion Simulators are endless. Mine Fields, Booby Trapped objectives, Engineers, Demolition personnel, or just pure excitement from the unknown can add a fresh new shot of adrenaline to your field.