Paintball & Airsoft Knee Pads


      Paintball and Airsoft knee pads are often overlooked when assembling your gear, but they can make every game much easier to manage. Not only do knee pads for Airsoft and paintball protect you as you compete, but there will be times when it’s better to crawl along the ground - and paintball knee pads can make this much easier for you. From supporting braces to armoured plates, we have the knee pads you’re looking for.

      Finding The Right Paintball & Airsoft Knee Pads

      Paintball and Airsoft knee pads can make a big difference to your matches. You need to be able to move around quickly, and this protection will minimise any impacts you take to the knee and surrounding leg area. This will make sure you won’t be compromised during the game and carry on competing at your best. Paintball knee pads are a great option for anyone who prefers to dive into the arena, and isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty.

      Choosing the right knee pads for Airsoft and paintball matches depends on what you expect to find in the arena, and how you play. For plated protection or paintball knee pads better suited for crawling, try the Night Crawler Tactical Knee Pads or the USMG Spartan Tactical Knee Pads. You can also choose the DYE Paintball and Airsoft Knee Pads or the Exalt Paintball Freeflex Knee Pads for more cushioned support and protection.

      With a great range of Airsoft and paintball knee pads to choose from, Modern Combat Sports will make sure you’re protected in every game. Our team is ready to help you find the right paintball and Airsoft knee pads, whatever arena you compete in. Get in touch with us now and find the best knee pads for Airsoft and paintball games