Tactical & Protective Paintball Gear


      Tactical and protective paintball gear takes the sport to a new level, allowing players to create a more realistic setting in which they’re competing. Paintball protective gear covers the different pieces of protection and armour, which can mimic pieces seen in military and law enforcement organisations, as well as the accessories that add more functionality and versatility to your game.

      Every newbie paintball player has gone to an arena and been handed simple elbow pads and overalls. They’re a great way to get a feel for the sport without having to commit to spending a lot, but this paintball gear is well used and basic. When you decide this is a sport you want to take more seriously, investing in better protective gear for paintball will make every match more enjoyable, and you’ll have a sense of ownership over your style. 

      A Wide Range Of Paintball Protective Gear

      There’s a lot of paintball protective gear to choose from.Our range of protective paintball gear includes molle vests, paintball helmets, gun holsters, different pieces of padding, and other protective gear for paintball. These items sit under the armour and surface clothing worn during a match, protecting you from some of the impacts caused by paintballs and the surroundings in the arena. We understand that everyone has different pain thresholds and comfort levels, which is why we have a wide range of paintball gear, so everyone can find the items that make it easier for them to play the game.

      With our great selection of protective gear for paintball and Airsoft players, we’re sure you’ll be ready for any match you have coming up. The team at Modern Combat Sports is ready to help pick the right equipment, and if you have any questions about any of our products, we’ll be happy to answer them. Contact us today and make sure you get the right paintball gear for your needs.