RAP4 Tactical Ten Paintball Vest - DPM Camo (Large)-Modern Combat Sports

Tactical Paintball Vest - DPM Camo (Large)



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Best Vest for Paintball constructed from High Quality Nylon

Fed up of having to go back to the staging area to reload pods or because you've forgotten something you didn't have room for....not anymore, Carry everything you'll ever need for paintball onto the field with this Tactical vest especially designed for the scenario player. This configuration can hold up to 1800 paintballs and still have room for expansion to hold more.

Key Features:

- all pouches are interchangeable
- completely ambidextrous for left users
- pod pouch can hold 100, 140, qloader pod and water bottle
- big holster can hold all .68 caliber paintball pistols
- back co2 tank pouch hold all co2 tank sizes, 45ci, 48ci, 50ci,62ci, 68ci, 70ci, 72ci,88ci, 92ci and 122ci
- rugged and extremely durable

Size information:
Regular fits users who wear S, M, L and XL shirt sizes
Regular- fits user under 6 feet and weights under 250lbs

Large fits users who wear XXL, XXXL and XXXXL shirt sizes
Large - fits user over 6 feet and weights over 250lbs