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Counterstrike Padded Camo Paintball Vest - Chest Protector

Counterstrike Padded Camo Paintball Vest - Chest Protector



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Counterstrike Paintball Vests are constructed of heavy duty denier and 1/2" foam interior to cushion the weight of your gear and serve double-duty as chest/ back armor. Easier to get on and off between games and more hard wearing than most Paintball Padded Shirts 

Multiple Pouches and Features

Velcro adjustments at the shoulders and waist to ensure a snug proper fit.

Holds up to 6 pods and tank, secured by Velcro so you can customize their positions to your needs.

Other features include multiple pockets, pull-down ID/ map flap, detachable cell phone or radio pouch, accessory rings... the list goes on and on! A must have for your next scenario or big game.

The Counterstrike vest does not include the accessories pictured radio, pods , tank etcetera, for more details on these please see below


  • Three large pockets and three smaller pockets
  • Tank pouch with quick-release securing strap
  • Belt loops for securing to belt
  • Detachable cell phone/ radio pouch
  • nterior foam for cushioning (removable)
  • Pull-down map/ ID pouch