Paintball Helmets


      Paintball helmets keep your head safe during a paintball match. While paintball masks focus on your face and eyes, they leave the rest of your head exposed. Wearing both a paintball helmet and mask together offers the best defence against knocks, falls, and paintballs. Many helmets are a standard size of design, but there are plenty of ways to personalise them or use them to blend into your surroundings.

      Find A Great Paintball Helmet

      There are a number of styles to choose from when looking for a paintball helmet, such as the Valken ATH Tactical Helmet, the Mich Style Military Training Helmet, the Tactical Helmet, and more. Choosing the right one depends on your needs, and what look you’re trying to create - with competitors looking for a lifelike experience also opting for the US Army Training Helmet. These paintball helmets reflect a range of budgets, so there’s no reason not to keep your head protected.

      While most paintball helmets are a standard design and style, there are ways to make them a more seamless addition to your paintball gear. This includes paintball helmet covers, with Woodland, British Disruption, Digital Camo, and other designs available. This helps to disguise you while in the arena.

      Browse our range of paintball helmets at Modern Combat Sports and find the one that fits your needs. With different styles and brands to choose from, it can be hard to know which paintball helmet is the best option, but our team is happy to answer any questions you have. Get in touch with us now and see how we can help. We’ll make sure you choose from the best paintball helmets in the UK.