HDR 50 vs HDP 50

If you are in the market for a 50 cal paintball pistol then you might have heard about Umarex's HDR 50 and HDP 50 models. Both models are part of the T4E (training for engagement) line and are advertised as home defence pistols. In the UK it is illegal to use them for home defence, if you live in another country then airgun laws will vary. 

Talking about different countries, in Europe and the UK, the revolver is called HDR 50 while in America, it goes under the name TR 50. It is slightly confusing that the same product has two different names but in our comparison we will use the European name of the revolver. 

Both the HDR 50 and HDP 50 are good for paintball as well as training practice. These are the use case scenarios we are exploring in this comparison. So which model should you go for - revolver versus pistol? 

hdr 50 vs hdp 50

Starting off with some of the similarities, both handguns feature a hard heavy-duty polymer outer shells. On the inside, they share almost identical internals and use the same valves. The pressure bearings, triggers and barrels are made of metal. Both the HDR 50 and the HDP 50 are incredibly durable handguns. 

HDR 50 and HDP 50 use the same Quick Piercing function. The CO2 piercing system is located in the paintball gun’s grips. To see whether the CO2 cartridge has been pierced you can simply check the charge indicator placed in the back of the markers. Both handguns use a 12g CO2 capsule

quick piercing system

Talking about consumables, both handguns use .50 cal ammo - paintballs and rubber rounds but the HDR 50 revolver can shoot First Strike rounds. All three types of .50 cal ammo are advertised as low impact but it will still hurt if you get shot. 

hdp 50

The HDP 50 pistol takes 6 rounds, same as the revolver but reloading is slower, as there is only 1 ammo chamber so you cannot hot swap mags. After you've fired your shots you need to turn the pistol upside down and then load the next 6 shots through a hole underneath the barrel. This is fine for practice shooting but it is a disadvantage on the paintball field. 

hdr 50 revolver mag

Loading ammo is easier and faster with the HDR 50, especially if you have spare revolver magazines like this twin cartridge pack. You have the ability to shoot First Strike rounds, which fly further and straighter because they are half paintball, half shuttlecock. This type of ammo and the ability of hot swap mags makes the revolver shine on the paintball field. Easy win for the HDR 50 revolver

hdp 50 vs hdr 50 chronograph

Interestingly, even though both handguns are F-stamped and sub 7.5 joules, when we put them through our chronograph, the HDP 50 pistol was consistently 30 to 40 FPS more powerful than the HDR 50 revolver. This is a clear win for the HDP 50.

Despite the difference in power, both the pistol and the revolver were consistent. So you can expect the shots to land in roughly the same place. Consistency is king when it comes to paintball! 

hdr 50 paintball

The million dollar question... which is better - the HDP 50 pistol or the HDR 50 revolver? 

If you want to re-load quickly and shoot First Strike rounds then the HDR 50 revolver is better. If you are on a paintball field you want to be quick and you want to be as accurate as possible, in this case the revolver is a clear winner and it is one of our favourite paintball handguns. 

If you are practicing at a range or in your garden then loading speed wouldn't matter as much so you can take the time to reload patiently. Also if you care only about shooting .50 cal training rubber rounds or paintballs, then the HDP 50 gives you a little bit extra power. 

hdr 50

Both handguns are brilliant, but if you had the money for only one of them, then the HDR 50 revolver would be our recommendation as it is more versatile than the HDP 50 pistol. If money is not an issue, then why not get both guns? One of each hand!

Check out our video comparison below: