Paintball Masks and Airsoft Goggles

A paintball mask or airsoft goggles will be the first pieces of your paintball and airsoft equipment that you’ll purchase. You can’t go out in the field without solid protection from paintball and airsoft guns! Most of our paintball masks are suitable as airsoft masks or airsoft goggles so you’re covered in paintball and airsoft matches - if you’re not sure if they’re good on both fields just let us know and we’ll get you the info you need.

Some of your favourite paintball brands have made these masks and airsoft goggles with fantastic paintballing in mind, here you’ll find DYE, First Strike, and GI Sportz. Our best paintball masks include the DYE i4 paintball mask which comes in many colours, choose from black to camo and even powder blue, you can even add some flare to your paintball set with a black DYE i4 paintball mask which comes with a gold goggle lens.

Looking for a paintball mask that doesn’t fog up? We get it, we’ve all rented a paintball mask and found our vision compromised at one point or another when the fog starts to creep in. If you want to spend a little more to prevent foggy paintball mask scenarios from slowing you down, keepdown keep an eye out for a paintball mask with a dual anti-fog lens - they’re also known as thermal lens goggles. If you’re not in a searching mood and want an easy answer as to what to buy, the more expensive paintball masks such as the DYE i4 and DYE i5 paintball masks are fantastic for keeping your vision fog-free.

Paintball masks tend to come in generic head size, so if you'veso you’ve got a big melon on your shoulders you might want to look into the RAP4 Hawkeyes. They’re super comfortable and will keep your chin and forehead safe and covered - you don’t want a paintball mask or airsoft goggle that’s too small and leaves you exposed!

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