Paintball Masks and Airsoft Goggles

Paintball Mask or Paintball Goggles are one of the first pieces of paintball equipment you will need to purchase, many of these are also suitable for Airsoft. When choosing a Paintball or Airsoft Mask some questions you might ask are answered below, so just where can you get the best airsoft goggles?

Does the Paintball Mask Fog UP?

If you've ever used a rental site paintball goggle, you've probably fogged up (similar to a car windscreen), maybe you want Paintball Goggles with a fan? Fog can turn a good day into something else quite quickly. Look for a Paintball Mask that comes with a dual thermal anti fog lens (known as: thermal lens goggles) the more expensive Paintball Masks tend to fog up the least, DYE i4's and I5's are great for fog free vision.

I've got a Big Head, What Paintball Goggle will work?

If you've got a big melon (head) then some of the lower profile goggles will leave your chin and forehead exposed, for some people this isn't a problem, but there are those who want to keep covered up, the best paintball goggle system for big heads are without doubt the RAP4 Hawkeyes, these are a super comfortable goggle. 

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