Valken CQMF Magfed Paintball Gun

Valken CQMF Magfed Paintball Gun


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The Valken CQMF or Close Quarter Mag Fed Gun is an easy to use Paintball Gun that operated with a High Pressure Air System.

The CQMF is based on the M17 and benefits from the super efficient heat core system , but is able to be fitted with all manner of Milspec hand guard options. The CQMF Mag-fed Marker is also constructed from ballistic grade steel and aluminium making more rugged than the M17 and possibly one of the toughest Magfed rifles on the market.

Paintball Markers can only be purchased by those over 18 for use in permitted activities such as skirmishing and re-enactment where suitable third party liability insurance is in place.

Valken CQMF Paintball Marker Features

  • Remote Line-Ready Adjustable Carbine Stock
  • Semi and Fully Automatic Action (disabled for UK)
  • Mechanical action - no batteries necessary!
  • Compatible with .68 calibre paintballs and First Strike ammo
  • Valken Milsig M17 magazine-compatible
  • Threaded Barrel Nut - accepts standard AR fore-end accessories
  • Rugged aluminium & Steel Construction

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