Tacamo AK47 Clamp Style Feed Neck

Tacamo AK47 Clamp Style Feed Neck



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When you need to make absolutely sure your hopper stays in place, you need the Tacamo AK47 Clamp-Style Feed Neck. Designed to work with any size hopper that features a standard diameter feed neck (roughly 3/4”), this unit features a relieved clamping basket to accommodate a wide range of hopper makes and models without needing to sand, tape, or modify anything. A swinging arm opens the clamp and secures it again, making it easy to add, remove, or adjust your hopper…and then lock it in place so it won’t spin or fall out, no matter how hard you play.


The Tacamo AK47 Clamp-Style Feed Neck is a universal replacement for the feed neck on all Tacamo AK-series paintball markers.


Key Features Include:

- Lever-clamp means a secure grip on your hopper
- Accepts any standard feed-neck hopper
- Aluminum construction for lightweight durability
- Universal upgrade for Tacamo AK-series markers