Ninja Flex 4.5k Air Tank Regulator



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The Flex Adjustable Pressure  Air Tank Regulator lets you set the output pressure by turning the adjustable nut directly on the regulator. The secondary output pressure gauge gives you the readout of the adjusted pressure. The Flex Regulator controls the air coming from your air tank, steadying the pressure before the air enters your paintball marker. The constant output of air pressure helps to improve the performance of your paintball gun, enhancing accuracy.


The Flex Adjustable Regulator has 3 ranges of pressure to choose from.  Each range is limited to the adjustment.

Range selection option:
#1. 300psi-900psi
#2. 1000psi-1700psi
#3. 1700psi-2500psi
#4. 2200psi-3000psi

Made in the USA