MOLLE MAP/ID Pouch (Tiger Stripe)

MOLLE MAP/ID Pouch (Tiger Stripe)



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Molle MAP/ID Pouch With this Molle MAP/ID Pouch you can access to your player ID with a flip of finger. Your MAP is kept clean and organize. Your MAP can easily be read without loosing it during the heat of the battle.

Width: 6.25”
Height: 13.50”

RAP4 Tactical MOLLE Vest for Airsoft, paintball and Tactical training. The new MOLLE Tactical Paintball Vest can be organized to accommodate paintball pods, standard AR magazine, standard MP5 magazine, all sizes of CO2 cylinders and air tanks (HPA). The vest pouches are interchangeable and can be very easily configured to the user's requirements. The Tactical MOLLE Vest is designed with the MOLLE webbing system for better security for your pouches. The MOLLE webbing system is a multi-position hook system that enables you to attach the MOLLE pouches in the position of your choic