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Internal Flexi Air Hose for Tippmann X7



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When you’re ready to ditch the onboard air tank in favor of a more realistic, better-balanced rig that uses a remote line to relocate that tank to your back, you need RAP4’s Internal Flexi-Air system. The Internal Flexi-Air system connects the air lines of your marker to a remote line quick disconnect, usually built into a stock adapter or an air-through-stock itself.

 This Internal Flexi-Air Hose for Tippmann X7 connects your tombstone adapter (not included) to the air-through-stock adapter (also not included). As a standalone piece, this is ideal for players building their own custom setups from scratch, players who like to keep a spare of critical parts, and players who already have the other components and only need the hose itself.

 Key Features:

 -All-metal construction

-Easily interfaces with Flexi-Air Hose components