AK47 Magazine for Tippmann® A-5® (NEW A5)

AK47 Magazine for Tippmann A-5 (Classic A5)



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This bolt-on faux magazine is designed to give your Tippmann A5 Classic marker a real-to-life AK-inspired look! By perfectly mimicking the shape, size, and style of a real AK magazine, the RAP4 AK47 Magazine for Tippmann A5 helps you build a realistic AK-pattern marker out of your A5! This even includes an AK-pattern пїЅmagwellпїЅ to intuitively link the AK47 Magazine for Tippmann A5 to your marker for the very height of realism.

Key Features Include:

- Durable metal construction
- No moving parts
- Provides a sturdy handhold for your support hand
- Fits all A-5, old and new version.