The Importance of Good Paintball and Airsoft Goggles

The importance of goggles for paintball and Airsoft games is clear to anyone who has ever stepped foot in an arena. It forms one of the first points on any safety briefing, as the risk of blindness is real if they aren’t worn. This is something no one wants to experience or see happen to another player.

Good Quality Paintball Goggles

You can get cheap paintball goggles and if you have no option but to go cheap then these will work. It’s worth remembering that you do get what you pay for, though.

These cheaper options are great for when you’re just starting out and getting a feel for paintball and Airsoft, but they’re not always as comfortable as premium products. This can make a big difference in longer games.

Not only that, but a number of features and design elements won’t make it through to budget goggles, and when you decide this is something you want to invest in, a good pair of goggles should be near the top of your list.

However, there’s more to why a good pair of paintball goggles are important to your games, and the issue of fogging plays a big part of that.

Anti-fog Goggles and Masks

In most cases, cheap paintball goggles and masks will not come with a thermal lens, which leads to them fogging up more regularly. The more expensive, premium goggles will come with a thermal lens, making it less of an issue.

There are several ways around this other than buying more expensive goggles, but ultimately in the war against the fog, starting out with premium goggles gives you the best chance.

Some ways you can fight fogging up:

  • Use a goggle fan
  • Use anti-fog treatment
  • Keep your lens scratch free and clean
  • Keep your face dry
paintball players in the woods


Ways to Stop Fog On Any Goggles

Goggle fans are designed to pump fresh air into your mask. Some switch on automatically, like the Habervision Goggle Fan, while others have to be activated manually before you go into a game.

The thing to consider here is the noise. Every fan will make some noise, varying by model, but the benefits will far outweigh this in most cases.

Anti-fog treatment is another option, and can actually be combined with google fans, but players of all experience levels use this to make sure they always have clear vision in a game. Once applied, it should last at least a full day of play if done correctly.

Keeping your goggle lens scratch free makes a difference, too. We recommend a goggle case to keep them safe, but you can also buy spare mask lenses with their own case. That way you can just throw them straight into your kit bag and not have to worry about them - but remember to clean the goggles and lenses down prior to putting them in the case so you don’t get dirt into the cases. This can lead to scratches even in storage, which beats the entire point of having them.

Keeping your face dry is another way to prevent goggle fog. Some people sweat more than others around the face area. The problem is that while playing, you should never lift your mask. Speak to a marshall and get yourself to a safe zone before attempting this.

Even if you think you’re safe and in cover, you can never tell what might happen and it’s a risk not worth taking.

Keeping safe

A final note on being safe during paintball and Airsoft games. This is an exciting sport, but there are risks involved. Masks and goggles are a big part in mitigating some of those dangers, so take them seriously and do thorough research on finding the right pair.

Upgrading goggles when you find a pair that suits you and your style better is a worthwhile investment. Make sure you wear them at all times while on the field of play, so as not to put yourself, or others, at risk.

Safety first. Always.

If you’d like to know more about paintball goggles and goggle fog, this might help - but you can always contact our friendly team for support, too.