Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades

The best quality Smoke Grenades or Smoke Bombs are manufactured by Enola Gaye. Smoke Grenades when employed in a Paintball or Airsoft game add to the atmosphere, games are better with smoke grenades! Enola Gaye Smoke grenades are also used for film and photography, we've even seen smoke grenades used in Wedding photo-shoots, if you thought they make a paintball game more interesting!!!! 

Are Smoke Grenades Safe?

Short answer is yes. Enola Gaye Smokes are safe to use, they require no specialist training to use, they're cool burn so there's no external flame and the casings get hot, but not too hot.

Smoke Grenades and UK Law, are they Legal?

There are obviously restrictions on where these can be used, Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades and other products can only be used in areas where you have permission to use them. On private land this would be the land owner. If it is public land this will be the local authority. If your using smoke grenades or other Enola Gaye Products in public places, you will need prior approval from the local authorities and emergency services. It is illegal to use any pyrotechnics including smokes grenades in football grounds, sports venues, pubic highways, nightclubs, festivals regardless of any permissions given by the organisers and DO NOT take these on an aeroplane!!
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