Paintball & Airsoft Neck Protection


      Paintball and Airsoft neck protection is designed to cover the gap between your mask and armour or clothing. Your neck is a vulnerable spot, and you will definitely know when you’ve been hit. Paintball neck guards offer the protection you need to move freely in the arena without losing worrying about your neck being exposed.

      Find The Best Paintball Neck Guards

      Paintball neck guards can make any player more confident by shielding the neck from paintballs and projectiles. This can be a painful area to be struck on, so any steps you can take with paintball and Airsoft neck protection is a good idea. No matter what gear you use, you’ll find something perfectly suited for your needs.

      Choosing the right Airsoft and paintball neck guards depends on what you need and how you play. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, such as the DYE Performance Neck Protector or the Neck Protector For Hawkeye Paintball Goggles. Making sure the paintball or Airsoft neck protection you choose does the job will help you improve your performance in every match, and give you the confidence to push forward without exposing your neck.

      At Modern Combat Sports, we have a great range of Airsoft and paintball neck guards, so you can be fully protected in every match. Our team is ready to make sure you pick the right paintball and Airsoft neck protection, whether it needs to work with gear you already have or if there are other factors to consider. Contact us today to find out more about paintball neck guards and which option will work best for you