T68 AK47 Wood Barrel Kit

T68 AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit



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When you want to add the look and feel of the AK47 to your paintball playing experience, start with this kit for your RAP4 T68 marker. The T68 AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit includes a Recon Tactical Barrel with AK47 muzzle brake for custom-barrel accuracy, and a standard AK-style front sight that helps you get on target fast and track moving players through the jungle!

The handguards are AK-specification, made of real wood, and feature the faux gas tube that completes the AK47 look! The handguards mount securely to the front of your T68, allowing you to remove the tactical barrel without disturbing the rest of the body kit. Swap it out with another length, clean it, attach a RAP4 Gemtech or Noveske Silencer, and reinstall to get right back in the action.

Best of all: the T68 AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit is durable, attaches securely, and is designed to survive the kind of hard-charging use that you’ll put it to in this season’s longest, most amazing scenario games. When you’re ready to upgrade to an AK-pattern marker, start with your T68 and add this T68 AK47 Wooden Barrel Kit!

Key Features Include:
- Real Wood Handguards
- Mounts Directly to Your T68
- Recon Tactical Barrel for Improved Accuracy
- AK47 Muzzle Brake
- Authentic Look and Feel