Paintball Gun Cases and Bags

Paintball games involve a lot of gear and equipment, which is why our paintball gun cases and bags are so important. Transporting your kit safely is of the utmost importance - for yourself and others - and a good quality case and bag does this while ensuring you don’t damage your gear outside of a game.

With hard paintball gun cases, you can make sure your supplies are kept safe and in good condition for every game you have. They also make transporting everything you need much easier, reducing the number of pieces you have to carry by storing them in one place. We also have plenty of paintball gun bags for anyone looking for extra space.

It’s important to find the right size paintball gun case for your needs, but keeping in mind what else you might need to transport and carry in the short term can help with your decision over which one to choose. You might choose the MCS Hard Cover Gun Case, or the Glock Genuine Pistol Case for smaller pieces. If you’d rather have one, larger bag, we’d recommend the USMG RAP4 Soft Rifle Case, which can fit a lot more equipment and cover any scenario you might find yourself in.

Safety is essential, so our range of paintball gun cases and bags will help you transport your gear safely wherever you find yourself playing. Find the right case by browsing our store. You can also contact our team if you have any questions by calling us on +44(0)7402848378 or emailing We’ll get back to you as soon as we can, whatever your query.
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