Paintball Pistol Choices?

A Paintball Pistol adds excitement to the game of paintball, but there's a lot to choose from, so the question is....

Which Paintball Pistol Should You Choose?

To view the range of paintball pistols we're mostly talking about in this article, please see Paintball Pistols . The .43 paintball pistols lean more towards looking and feeling like the real thing, if it's for training purposes, or you just want a paintball pistol that looks great, then .43 is the way to go! The sensible choices are the Paintball Glock Replica, a PPQ Paintball Pistol Replica and the Smith & Wesson M&P, these are all manufactured by Umarex, there's some other paintball pistol manufacturers out there, but Umarex are by far the best in the realistic .43 paintball pistol range (in short avoid the others). The Umarex 50. cal revolver is probably the best value pistol on the Market, it fires .50 cal, which is a readily available and its super reliable, if you want to have fun without damaging your wallet to much, then this Paintball Pistol is recommended. Now we move along to teh BIG gun, the larger .68 paintball pistols have an obvious advantage over teh smaller ones, they'll deliver more power which will give you almost the same range as a paintball rifle, so if you're quick and nimble (or think you are) then we'd suggest a .68 paintball pistol is the best way for you to play mag-fed games. The FSC Compact Pistol fires First strikes straight out the box, so is super accurate as well, as well as that its based on teh Old Tiberius T8.1, which was for a long time unrivalled for reliability, that is until the Tippmann TiPX came along, teh TiPX has become the best selling paintball pistol of all time and probably the best selling gun to the end user. The Only disadvantage between teh TiPX and its same sized rivals is that to fire First Strikes this pistol needs to be converted and to do this you'll need a  Gunhead block or one of teh cheap knock offs based on this original desgin. For more information on paintball pistols take a look at this helpful article