Choosing the Best Paintball Pistol For Your Level

A Paintball Pistol adds excitement and a different type of strategy to any game of paintball. We love rifles, but nothing gives you an edge and adds speed to your game quite like a good paintball handgun. Choosing one, though, can be quite daunting - particularly if you’re new to the paintball scene. There’s so many options on the market which is why we have developed a short guide on some of the best pistols for different purposes.

Looking to bring an edge to your next game by upping your speed with a side gun? Read on to find out what paintball pistol you should choose!

What is the Best Paintball Pistol?

The answer to this question depends entirely on what you’re looking for from a paintball pistol, weighing up your playing habits is a good place to start before buying and deciding on the best paintball pistol for you. If you’re an experienced player, you might want a really powerful model to show off your paintball skills on the field. If you’re someone who’s just starting out, it’s probably a good idea to look for an overall model that is easier to handle and has a nice range of features. This way, you can get playing without worrying too much about the set up and handling. 

Beginner, Friendly, and Affordable Paintball Pistols 

Paintball pistols ready to use

Whether you’re new to the game or simply want a more affordable model, the .43 paintball handguns are a solid option. These paintball pistols lean more towards looking and feeling like the real thing, if it's for training purposes, or you just want a paintball pistol that looks and feels great, then .43 is the way to go! 

These pistols are great for any level of experience. Some of our top choices include: 

1. Paintball Glock Replica

This pistol is small but mighty! The realism of the Paintball Glock TPM1 marker makes it ideal for force-on-force training and for the paintball field to take out the bigger guns. It’s also a really sturdy model and is known for living up to its steel counterpart.

Each cylinder can deliver approx. 24 shots, or 3 magazine reloads.The power output is less than a .68 pistol but it doesn’t compromise on performance, this model has the strength and durability you’ll need from a paintball pistol.

2. PPQ Paintball Pistol Replica 

An authentic training gun which can be used for military or training purposes, the PPQ Paintball Pistol Replica is equipped with a pneumatic blow-back system to shoot paintballs, rubber balls, and powder balls. This paintball pistol comes with similar features to its real-world counterpart, the real steel Walther PPQ M2, which is why it’s recommended for both training and target practice. Maintenance on this model is also straightforward with easy access to the barrel and the breach making it easy to clear any blockages.

3. The Smith & Wesson M&P

These models are all manufactured by Umarex, which is by far the best in the realistic .43 paintball pistol range and are created to fire paintballs, rubber balls, and powder balls. If you are playing Mag-fed paintball then this .43 pistol should be a priority! The Smith & Wesson M&P also comes with some impressive additional components, these include: 1 x Magazine, 1 x Hard Case, and 1 x Medium Grip.

Great Paintball Revolvers

In the middle of a paintball game

There are plenty of great paintball pistols to choose from, but among the different types you can choose from are paintball revolvers. They have more power than the more affordable options and use larger paintball pellets to match. This can quickly turn the tide in your favour when you find an opponent at closer range.

1. First Strike Roscoe 50. cal paintball revolver

With the First Strike Roscoe 50. cal paintball revolver, you’ll have a great paintball revolver that can be modded to suit your gaming style. It’s lightweight and holds paintball rounds, rubber training rounds, powder balls and First Strike rounds - meaning you can practise with it and use it in other games, too. It holds six rounds but you will have to load each one manually, so keep this in mind.

2. The Umarex 50. cal revolver 

This is probably one of the best value pistols on the market, it fires .50 cal, which is readily available and it's super reliable. If you want to have fun without damaging your wallet too much, then this paintball handgun is recommended. This Umarex .50 cal revolver is also more powerful than the .43 options making it perfect for all kinds of players, both beginner and experienced. 

Powerful Paintball Pistols 

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Now we move onto the more powerful pistols. The larger .68 paintball pistols have an obvious advantage over the smaller ones. The main advantage is that they'll deliver more power which will give you an impressive range which is pretty close to the range of a paintball rifle. If you're quick and nimble on the field - or you’d like to be - then we'd suggest a .68 paintball pistol is the best way for you to play mag-fed games. 

Looking for a powerful pistol for the field? Take a look at two impressive models below:

1. The First Strike Compact Pistol 

Our top choice is the The First Strike Compact Pistol (FSC) which fires first strikes straight out the box, making it super sharp to work with. It is also based on the Old Tiberius T8.1, which was for a long time unrivalled for reliability. This model has a much smaller grip than other models making it the perfect option for agile gameplay. What makes this model especially unique is its adjustability; use a 3/16th hex key (provided) and turn the adjuster in the regulator clockwise to increase velocity or anti clockwise to decrease. 

2. Tippmann TiPX Pistol

 The TiPX has become the best selling paintball pistol of all time and probably the best selling gun to the end user. The Only disadvantage between the TiPX and its same sized rivals is that to fire First Strikes this pistol needs to be converted and to do this you'll need a  Gunhead block or one of the cheap knock offs based on this original design. The shell is made of polymer making this pistol both durable and lightweight. The quick release magazine feed system also adds to speed to your game so you’re ready to leave your opponents in the dust.

Ready to Up Your Paintball Pistol Game?

Hopefully, this short guide has given you more insight into the kind of model best suited to you. The paintball pistol market is full of models with impressive specs, it’s a matter of figuring out how often you play, your level of experience, and what you want out of the model. If you’re looking to buy a paintball pistol and would like to check out more of the pistols we sell, please have a look at the full range here

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