A5/X7/Pro Carbine (#PL-42A)

Tippmann Forearm Grip/Cyclone Screw (#4 x 5/8") - Short - A5/X7/Pro Carbine (#PL-42A)



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The Tippmann Forearm Grip Screw Short Version. Made for the A5, X7 and the Pro-Carbine. It is also a common screw on the A5 and X7, so stock up just in case you need spares! It fits the A5 grip frame, the Cyclone Feed Bottom Plate, and it holds the Cyclone Paddles in place.

This product is used in the following guns: A5 Basic, A5 Response, A5 E-Grip Electronic, A5 Stealth, X7 Basic, X7 Response, X7 E-Grip Electronic, Pro Carbine, C-3, Gryphon.

The Tippmann Part Number for this product is PL-42A.