Corex Zombie Targets - Suitable for Nerfs, Paintballs and BB's-Modern Combat Sports

Corex Zombie Targets - Suitable for Nerfs, Paintballs and BB's



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We now have a range of fantastic targets in a range of Images, poses and materials that they are made from. These are great quality items, and are available in Standing, Kneeling and Head style targets.

The styles that are available are:

  • Opforces
  • Close protection
  • Paramilitary
  • ZOMBIES !!
  • Public
  • Criminals

Also the range of images will increase and different styles will be available in the future with the addition of public sector servants like Police, Fire and Ambulance as this will enable you to create a scenario of your choice.

The materials that the targets are made of are a choice of Alloy or Corex. The Alloy targets are only available in Standing and Kneeling poses, whereas all poses are covered in the Corex material.
Also available are stands for the Alloy targets, standing and  kneeling (adjustable height).

These can be used in conjunction together to set up at shows, or just to make Target Practice that bit more interesting.

These targets can also be used for Airsoft, Air rifles and so on. The Alloy targets once are beyond use, can then be taken to your local scrap dealer and recycled as well as getting some cash back for your initial purchase!

Customer Advisory concerning Corex targets

The Corex Targets are best used for Nerfs if you plan to re-use, they have a very short life when firing using Paintballs and BB's!

Please note that it is advisable to place any Corex target against a solid backing, i.e. plywood etc..

Also that it is advisable to stand at a distance of 25ft minimum to reduce the impact of Paintball and BB's on the targets. These measures will help improve the life of the Corex targets.