RAS Magazine  Expansion Chamber for TippmannпїЅ A-5пїЅ

RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber for Tippmann A-5 (Classic A5)



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Your Tippmann A5 already bares a strong resemblance to H&K MP5 carbines, so you can easily play to that authentic look with this hot new expansion chamber disguised as an MP5 magazine! The faux mag conceals a real four-stage expansion chamber that helps stabilize input pressures from your CO2 tank to improve accuracy and reliability—even with long strings shot on cold days!

The RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber even comes with a magwell that attaches quickly and easily to your A5, to complete the look of an authentic magazine inserted into your receiver. The mag serves also as a tactical grip for your support hand, and helps you get the most out of the design of your Tippmann A5! Custom options allow you to be remote-ready in minutes, or connect the RAS Magazine Expansion Chamber to your A5’s bottomline ASA just as easily.

*This magazine kit will fit Tippmann A5 markers that were sold until 2011

*If you purchased your Tippmann A5 during or after 2011, you will need the NEW version (more info)

Key Features Include:
- Real MP5 magazine size, styling, and design
- Includes 4-stage expansion chamber
- Helps stabilize velocity for improved accuracy
- Durable construction for long service life
- Can interface with bottomline ASA or remote line!

-For remote line version select:
1 x Quick Disconnect Adapter (Male)
1 x 45 Dgree Elbow

-For Air Source Adapter Version select:
1 x 6 Inch Steel Braided CO2 Hose
1 x Male/Female 90 Degree Elbow

Note: This item will only fit Tippmann A-5 purchased before 2011.