Planet Eclipse Emek 100 .68 Cal Paintball Gun

Planet Eclipse Emek 100 .68 Cal Paintball Gun


Planet Eclipse

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Planet Eclipse Paintballs Emek Gun is an easy to use mechanical, hopper fed paintball marker. The Emek has no electronics, so it's an ideal choice for a beginner or an advanced paintball player. The Emek 100 .68 cal is made from Glass reinforced Nylon so it's super lightweight meaning its great for any age of player as well.

The Emek 100 has zero electrical components, so theres little to no chance of things going pear shaped on the field. Planet Eclipse have created a great looking, affordable robust paintball marker that is virtually never going to let you down. 

The thought and design of the Emek is excellent and its packed with features that would normally carry a much bigger price tag, but the Emek fits nicely into the bracket of budget paintball gun.

Planets Emek 100 Paintball Marker was developed and designed in the UK at Planet Eclipses Manchester HQ.

Emek 100 Paintball Marker Features:

The Emek has an advanced bolt system and drive train that allow it run at very low pressure which means balls breaking or bursting in the gun and very rare, its also designed to work with Planets PAL loader which works be being agitated with air released from the gun every time the trigger is pulled.

The Emek like most Planet Eclipse Paintball Guns has Autococker threads so almost all Autocoker barrels will work with it. 

  • Breech Pressure PAL Enabled
  • Powered by the Gamma Core spool valve drivetrain
  • Safe/Fire safety switch 
  • GRN (Glass Reinforced Nylon) composite outer body
  • Aluminium inner body core 
  • Single-piece GRN frame and foregrip
  • Hose-less air transfer system
  • Tool-less grip access/removal
  • DefTek offset feed
  • Air powered only (not Co2 compatible)
  • Mechnical marker - no batteries needed