Olive Drab Military Operator Gloves - XL

Olive Drab Military Operator Gloves - XL



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The Spartan Operator Gloves were designed by combat veterans  to improve dexterity, protection, and comfort to the shooter in the harshest of environments. Made of highly durable materials, these military shooting gloves have integration features such as reinforcement on the thumb where the shooter operates a safety selector switch. The Spartan Military Gloves also include some other great features such as a textured trigger finger pad, thumb padding for extensive magazine-loading, and reinforced seams on the fingers should the shooter want to remove them mid-digit. Moisture-wicking fabric between protective panels ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Military Shooting Gloves Key Features:

  • Thumb-safety reinforcement
  • Textured trigger pad
  • Moisture-wicking material base
  • Thumb and palm padding
  • No-fray removable finger seams