T15 XL Freak Back with Freak Threads by Ammotech

T15 XL Freak Back with Freak Threads by Ammotech



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The Ammotech XL Freak Back for the First Strike Tiberius T15  replaces your T15 stock barrel and allows you to use the new and improved XL Freak Inserts  and add a Freak threaded tip! XL Freak Inserts deliver better range and accuracy for your T15 Rifle. The Freak Back with Freak Inserts means you can match teh round your using, producing better consistency and efficency which is what derliver the better range and distance from these quality crafted paintball barrel from Ammotech

The Ammotech XL Freak Back will take your T15 paintball gun to the next level and is well worth the investmnet whatever level of player you consider yourself. 

A freak insert and freak threaded tip is needed to use this barrel back , these are not included. 

Ammotech T15 XL Freak Back Barrel System Specs:

  • XL Freak Insert Compatible
  • Length 265 mm
  • Weight 95grams
  • Material Aircraft grade alumunium
  • Manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom