Folding Tippmann X7 Assault  Stock

Folding Tippmann X7 Assault Stock



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Tippmann Paintballs Assault Stock for the X7 is based on the FN Scar, making it a great accessory for scenario and magfed paintball players. Paintballs version of the Scar stock is also compatible with the MCS Hurricane Magfed kit, so if your bulding a scar this could be just what you need

Tippmann Assault Stock Ket Features:

  • Push Button Design to quickly fold for tight CQB situations
  • Stock extends through 8 positions for optimal adjustability
  • Built to withstand rugged woodsball and magfed play

  • Compatible with all Tippmann X7's including the Phenom, Tacamo Hurricane and Tacamo Tornado