First Strike Pro Burst Disk 1.8k

First Strike Pro Burst Disk 1.8k



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First Strike have designed a low profile, almost flush with your paintball regulator burst disk, good engineering doesn't always have to be practical it can also look good. 

First Strikes 1.8k Disc is a safety feature thats fitted to the low side of your paintball regulator, this is compatible with 3000psi or 4500 psi regulators. The 1.8 burst disc is easy to fit all you need is an allen key and empty tank and 3 minutes of your time!

FS Hero Pro Burst Disc Features:

  • Low profile design
  • Fully ASTM compliant
  • Light weight
  • Silencer Effect
  • Vent groove technology
  • Eliminates blow-through debris
  • Standard 3/8-24 Thread Pitch